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Nora Fleming

Nora Fleming is exclusively sold at our Carmel store. Availability of items varies. Call us at 317-870-1890 or stop in to see what's in stock!


Cracker Tray- $27.00                     
                        Bread Dish- $36.00          Square Platter- $40.00
                                           Utensil Crock- $36.00            

                                        Sectional Server- $46.00           


   $13.95 each 

Keepsake Box- $28.00

Store 9 minis in this protective case!


Coffee cup, Margarita, Wine Bottle, Pineapple, Carrot, Strawberry, Lemon, Watermelon


Ketchup & Mustard, Hot Dog, Flip Flops, Beach Ball, Adirondack Chair, Grill, Rain Boots, Anchor


Nest, Lamb, Stack of Presents, Sombrero, Daisy, Mouse in Cheese, Bluebird, Red Heart, Gift

Football, Notre Dame Helmet(Sold Out)-retired, Golf Ball, Basketball


St. Patty Hat, Clover, Patriotic Star, American Flag, Uncle Sam Hat, Witch Hat, Jack-o-lantern, Two Pumpkins, Turkey


Christmas Tree, Santa Hat, Snowman, Santa, Snowflake, Elf Feet, Red Ornament, Gingerbread House