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Spring trends 2024

Many of you ask what’s new for spring?  Sometimes the trends are subtle and sometimes they beat you over the head with all the changes.  This year they build on what started last year.

1. Rick rack is back!  It’s been a looonggg time since we’ve seen this preppy trim.  For a lot of you it may be the first time you’ve seen it on clothing.  It peaked back in 70’s but was first seen back in the 50’s.  Look for it on the tieres of dress skirts, the edge of short sleeve tops and the bottoms of tops and shorts.

2. Midi length dresses.  This longer length made its debut last year but has really taken off this year.  While one length of dress or skirt is no longer the norm, we’re seeing this length gain popularity.  Tall gals are rejoicing!

3.  Vests!  This is another trend we haven’t seen in a while.  The trendiest way to wear them is unlayered.  Yes, you read correctly, wear your vest as a top.  Most popular are button front styles in denim or other woven fabrics and also pullover sweater vests.

4. Wide leg jeans.  You’ve been hearing for years that skinny jeans were out only to still see them everywhere.  Well, the time has really come, skinny jeans are officially dead.  They’ve been replaced with wide leg long jeans and wide leg cropped jeans.   They also have a high rise.  No longer will you see women yanking up their low rise jeans and being fearful of bending over worried they’re exposing the world. 

5.  Bubble sleeves.  This is the newest sleeve trend.  Flutter sleeves have ruled for the last couple of years and are still plentiful but lots of women really want more arm coverage and poof! The bubble sleeve is here!